Comment: We really do

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We really do

have to win hearts and minds first.

3% taking up arms in this environment would not lead to a successful revolution. The other 97% would consist of too many people who don't understand why they are doing it and the 3% would just be an enemy.

The path is to change the majority opinion. Until a clear majority voices their discontent at the ballot box and the gov't does not abide by the results, the majority won't be convinced the gov't is full of criminals who must be removed from power by force.

Yes, innocent people will be martyred by an increasingly arrogant police state before the public opinion changes. Yes, outrageous criminal activity by the gov't will go down before the public opinion changes. Yes, we may pass a point of no return in tyranny before public opinion changes. Our only hope lies in changing public opinion before that happens because there is no other path that will be successful.

Defend Liberty!