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Thank you for your response Allison.

So far you are the ONLY person to actually respond without slinging accusations or posing a straw-man argument. Thank you Thank you.

I think your two points about benefits and communication/mail are very reasonable. Perhaps it would be wiser for LGBT's in the military and their civilian supporters to stick with a handful of specific demands. By the way there is nothing wrong with demands. We must DEMAND to be FREE.

Are you sure about point 2 though? When I served mail was not screened/opened etc. So receiving mail would not be an issue.
Do you have any knowledge that there is a SIGNIFICANT problem with mail privacy being breached?

P.S. Just had some memory recall of when I was filling out papers on who should get my insurance money if I were to be killed. As I recall I could have chosen a "friend" to receive the money it did not have to go to a spouse or a parent. Would this still be an option?

P.S.S. Since you asked me where you said there are hetro/homo rights here it is.

"When Dr. Baldwin seeks to imply that Liberty is only for those heterosexuals and somehow superior to the minority rights of the LGBT people-group" - Allison