Comment: Anisha -- Individual Self-Rule is granted by your Creator

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Anisha -- Individual Self-Rule is granted by your Creator

So powerful is this free-will that God never counters it; man can either succomb to his ignorances or chose to consciously rise above them.

Of course once you mention Creator and God you've just entered crazy town, because everything following that premise can never be proven; proven beyond the benefits of ethical consideration.

This is why religion must be left out of it.

The Founding Father's profited from Slavery (directly or indirectly) -- maybe Adams didn't. I mean the most Libertarian among them Patrick Henry owned slaves (twice during his life). Benjamin Franklin on.

All of them benefited from Indian Land Theft, Broken Treaties, Intentional Spread of Small Pox, and Reservationism.

Yes, they included religion in their "founding" one that only benefited Wealthy WASP men -- all other men and women were excluded (had no rights).

It went from a Small Rights Society to a Big Rights Society.

Small Rights (based on ownership) is Capitalism
Big Rights (based on globalist ownership) is Corporatism.

I don't think my time here is wasted -- I'm only on here when I'm working.

It's fun to interject and debate -- it stimulates the entrepreneurialism in me; when I'm fired up or angry, smile.

Yogananda (Gandhi's Guru) said Anger can be a powerful ally if we can learn to Transmute the Energy.