Comment: It's insanely racist

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It's insanely racist

to claim black and hispanics cannot stand for liberty. We live in an insanely racist country that this mentality actually does cause blacks and hispanics to hesitate from voicing their opinions openly.

The article will serve its purpose.

Diverting the argument to race is a successful tactic. That's why the socialists use it. You'll notice they only imply race matters in passing when debating someone who really stands for liberty. It's their best hope to be called on it because they didn't want to go back to the real debate, anyway.

The most I'll acknowledge it is "oh, you used the race card. I must be winning."

These open claims are meant for an audience of socialists, not us. If someone were to mention to me whites would soon be a minority at the beginning of a debate, I'd shrug my shoulders and move on and they know that. That's why they don't do it until they need to distract you from logic.

Defend Liberty!