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Comment: Anisha: I've been called a lot of things but a "Marxist"

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Anisha: I've been called a lot of things but a "Marxist"

Wow. How would you begin to rationalize that statement?

I believe in Christ -- I'm fiersely opposed to Religion.

My opinion on the Founding Father's is based on fact; unlike you I don't tie my spiritual belief and practices with men who were in contempt of everything "Christ" but were in-line with everything "Christian;" which historically has proven to twist Christ teachings to fit the current political agenda.

Being anti-Founders (save Adams) is not the same thing as being a Marxist.

I'm anti-Communist, anti-Capitalist, anti-Corporatist, and anti-Socialist -- to name a few.

I follow and add on to the work of Mises, Ron Paul, Gandhi, Lao Tzu, and Spooner (to name the top men).

Consumer-Sovereignty would grant you the greatest freedom; far more than that Bird Cage Liner you Abdicate too.

I agree with Ron Paul; "if you are an elected official and you've sworn an oath to the Constitution, then you should adhere to it," that's the end of my support of the Constitution.

You've never even read of a people getting their liberty via Representative Gov't; the very process begins in Abdication.

I feel the same way about Religion (latin: "to bind or bound") -- "to abdicate"

Christ is perpetually growing state of "being" or "consciousness" -- not limited to this planet or the body of Jesus. We must expand our cosciousness through advanced techniques of stilling the mind; we must make conscious what is "involuntary" within mind, body, nervous system, and psycho-emotional; before we can "know Christ."

I do not believe at all that you must believe as I do to be "free" -- I believe Christ is an experience not a belief, a reality; when you are able to zero out your ego then you will know it and that happens only in deep Conscious-Sleep or Meditation.