Comment: A vote for Ron Paul is not a vote for Palin

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A vote for Ron Paul is not a vote for Palin

When Ronald Reagan was campaigning for president and his campaign put out literature "denouncing the (CFR) Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission control" of President Jimmy Carter.

I had already read "NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY by that great Patriot ""Gary Allen"".
And the incredible book "THE NAKED CAPITALIST by the former FBI man and author of the fantastic book "THE NAKED COMMUNIST" """"W Cleon Skousen"""".

So I was already aware that the CFR had control over the President Carter, Ford, and Nixon, Cabinet advisers and other past administrations, so I actually thought that maybe Reagan might be worth voting for.

However in New Hampshire Reagan fired his campaign manager and put in a former member of the "BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE CFR """WILLIAM CASEY and at that time (the Founder of the Trilateral Commission) David Rockefeller was still the chairman of the board of the CFR""".

It was then that I realized that REAGAN would still be a puppet of the CFR and the international bankers, and that is how his administration turned out to be.

Presidents do everything they MUST (to prepare the public for the coming New World Order) to please their masters, (and are allowed to do what ever they want that does not expose their masters, (or the control the CFR has on them).

The control is as secret as possible and that is made possible because the CFR and ASSOCIATES own and control the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

All of the THE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS learned that during the last presidential campaign.

Is Palin a follower of Ron Paul?

Have you heard her say audit or abolish the Federal Reserve?

Has she said end the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan?

Has she said no more blood for oil???

Has she agreed with Ron Paul that we need to do away with the IRS?, ...The department of education?, ...or any other agency that violates the constitution????

Her media exposure does not lead me to think that the CFR controlled press opposes her.

The press gave Ross Perot a lot of press and that I believe (in hind site) was to spit the 3rd party movement and in that case his campaign succeeded.

As I see it Palin's tea party stance is to lead people away from Paul.

Fake support is not real support.

We should all be aware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Many misinformation specialist are at work in the main stream media and on the internet to divide the supporters of Ron Paul and stop his views from becoming well known or heard., ..........but we can continue our exposure of the truth.

Join the "CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY" and be aware that with as big a foe as we have that those wolves may also join and try to mislead us.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.