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tea partys

Is Sarah Palin a Ron Paul supporter??
Have you heard her say:

We need to audit or abolish the Federal Reserve??

Let's abolish the department of education??

Bring the troops home from Iraq, and Afghanistan??

Bring the troops home from around the world??

Did she say Abolish the I.R.S.??

Why should we can believe in her??

Being good looking and young is not more important that the principles and intellect of Ron Paul is it??

Sarah Palin campaigns for McCain is that a sign of intellect??

I use Ron Paul and his voting record to determine wither my congressman votes correctly.
I am not in congress and cannot read the bills so I use Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is my barometer in congress. I trust Ron Paul.
We all need some way to judge the votes in congress and for many years I have used Ron Paul's vote to judge legislation.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.