Comment: Only a catastrophic event

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Only a catastrophic event

Only a catastrophic event such as the collapse of the dollar will wake up the people. Unfortunately people have to be shocked into consciousness before they will act. The "frog in a pot" analogy describes the average American today. Unless we experience a catastrophic event we will be enslaved by our government. We are already slaves to a great degree -- especially those that pay individual income taxes.

I too caution against armed insurrection until the majority of Americans feel enough pain to be willing to fight for their freedom. The State Militias are not the answer. No doubt they have all been infiltrated by government agents and are being watched at every turn. Members of the Militia will be portrayed in the news media as enemies of the people and persecuted to no end. To be successful, organized resistance will have to operate in small groups, have support of the people, and go underground.