Comment: Palin is being vetted for us

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Palin is being vetted for us

for the next election. I can see it clearly. We are having this ditzy woman forced on us repeatedly by the media as the leading republican candidate. Proof of how braindead she is, & how deluded the tea party is (whose ideals in which I firmly believe), is that she was the star speaker at Searchlight. How could those thousands of people cheer for this bitch who had just come from stumping for McInsane? He's the posterboy for RINO's. He is the LAST person a Constitutionalist would support! Yet, this Alaska media whore runs to any opportunity where she can get national coverage & the Searchlight crowd applauds her?!!! They should have been yelling, "GET THE HOOK! Put a REAL patriot on that stage." This is a c*&t who supports the wars, knows NOTHING about economics or foreign policy & people are clapping like trained seals because she mouths her same buzzword phrases, certain to get people riled up about Obamao. It's really time for us to distance ourselves from this toxic slate the media is preparing for the elections. Palin needs to be sent back to Alaska where her children need her. I'm all for womens' rights, but Sarah has obviously neglected some big priorities in her life in exchange for being a footnote in the history books. If she is on the presidential ballot in 2012, I will definitely be sick.