Comment: Sad... so many words...

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Sad... so many words...

Sad.. so many words written... so little said. Norman Podhoretz should follow the Toast Master's motto:

"Having nothing to say, he said nothing!"

It is little wonder the RNC, let alone the DNC, is in such moral, principled, and criminal, dis-array!

Claiming victory when a socialist-nudist-turned-public-figure", wins WITH GOP help, OVER a liberty candidate, and who then goes on to support the decayed traitor McCain in Arizona along with the subject of his article Palin... such is the state of affairs of which the majority are clueless!

Can we fall further yet? The only lower rank would be if the GOP intends these consequences, is pro globalist, and pro thieving central bankers! Or... are they already?

Having been spanked at the poles for the last few years, and now facing a growing unrest against both parties, with the idiocy, theft of personal wealth in fake money, collapsing of the USA... Byzantine style, and characters of pig wallowing proportions, the GOP continues to trumpet the same rhetoric as they eagerly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It will be repeated, if the grassroots do not seize the nomination process from the grasp of the GOP globalists!

They remain clueless in the main, with an aging attendance, disinclined to any dialogue either for liberty, or against the oath breakers who now infest congress! In short they are becoming an incestuously degraded electorate.

The blind leading the blind, without a clue to the real over arching problems, they continue to shout slogans, praise the current crop of "their own", all while ignoring the grassroots who are crying out to debate the real issues and to remove the bums.

This mass of two-watt political brainpower, meanwhile, rushes on to the latest in entertainment, saving political interest for the day the ballot arrives!

So shall come our demise, for the trumpets on the walls, now wailing ever so loudly, are resounding on deaf ears, like the tree falling in the forest when none are there to listen!

May the Lord keep us all! There is only time left to seize the nomination process! NOTHING else compares in importance. Only replacing all of Congress!

Maybe it is time for after all!