Comment: The fact that such a

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The fact that such a

The fact that such a statement was made at all is revealing, and should trouble everyone.

Much of state law regarding forced vaccination is based on the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act. This act doesn't recommend forced vaccination, but does allow for forced quarantine and isolation of persons who refuse vaccination during a declared public health emergency. Back in September and October I did a good deal of research on this question, beginning with presidential executive orders and federal laws, an examination of the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act, and ending with a discussion of forced vaccination and quarantine under Maryland state law. Here's a link to the series:

As always, I urge anyone concerned with the question of forced vaccination to research the laws of his or her own state.


Operation Defuse: Getting to Know Big Brother and the Fusion Centers

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem. ("I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude"). Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 30 January 1787.