Comment: From Catherin Bleish and John Bush's Blog

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From Catherin Bleish and John Bush's Blog

"I published the video of RP saying he has made an agreement to support all republican incumbents in texas because I am opposed to the strategy many libertarians have taken in trying to “restore the GOP”.!/note.php?note_id=420268425276 I believe it could ultimately de-radicalize and conservatize the consistent roots of the libertarian philosophy. It is happening right now! Right under our noses. Ever look in to Rand Paul Foreign Policy? I’m just trying to get people to look at strategy and the tactical efficacy ideological disconnect that comes with trying to be republican."


John Bush prove my argument for me in the above post on his blog. Catherin Bleish and The Liberty Kids are NOT supporters of Ron or Rand Paul. Which is fine they don't have to be.

So why are they feeding off of the Ron Paul rEVOLution?

For my critics, I have no apologies for outing anti Ron and Rand Paul people on a site named after them.