Comment: Catherine Bleish "Ron Paul stabbed me in the back!"

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Catherine Bleish "Ron Paul stabbed me in the back!"

Below is a comment posted by the now infamous Catherine Bleish, in her own words:

"Hi guys, My name is Catherine Bleish and I am a member of Ron Paul forums and I appreciate the shit talking

Ron Paul stabbed me in the back as a national ROn Paul supporting delegate to the RNC. I remained silent so as to not cause dissension in the movement. Then I watched him raise money for c4l, claiming c4l had defeated the MIAC report and money being raised would help them continue such actions - yet here in Atlanta, I can't even find hard core activist who know what a fusion centers is and I am slaving away trying to raise money for gas and food to continue - THEN I watch him stab the TX citizens in the back by sending out a letter asking for money for a 2 time bail out incumbent - exactly EVERYTHING CONTRARY to liberty.

Yes, I think he is a traitor to the liberty movement at this time, and I am entitled to that opinion. I worked my butt off for him, sacrificed a LOT, and while I learned a lot about humanity and life and love, he is not the man I thought he was when I was knocking on doors in the fall of 2007."

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