Comment: Why you are wrong AGAIN! Rebelsoul

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Why you are wrong AGAIN! Rebelsoul

OK,lets say I have a classic car with all original parts, and I want to sell it for $10K. You want to buy it, but only have $5000.

We draw up an agreement that you will pay me $5000 in 30 days. You get possession of the car but not the title until you pay the balance.

Well you break the contract, you don't pay and additionally have sold the car in pieces, the original parts of the car for $20,000.

I sue you for the return of my car. Guess what? I can only collect $5000 by law. Its called contract law. Even if you sold the car parts for $20000 or the future value of the car would be much higher. I can't collect a dime more than what I contracted to collect. Future value doesn't count because I have a contract to purchase for a specified price, not more.

The same is true for futures contracts. You can not force them to deliver silver, only money. Thats how courts settle disputes in contract law.

No judge in his right mind would force delivery, create a short squeeze that would hurt the industrial players in the silver game. Why would he? He may grant a premium or even levy putative damages, but no judge will purposely would force a short squeeze that might increase the price of silver to $1000 or $1500. Give us a break please. We know you like silver, no problem, good for you. I hope you make millions. But please do make crap up about a short squeeze pushing prices up to $1000 or $1500 an oz. Someone might believe you.

Rebelsoul you are wrong again!