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you are denser then an oak

you are denser then an oak tree. you just don't get it.
Do yourself a big favor. Read the article I posted. and please go back and READ everything Butler has written on this. I will admit I am no expert when it comes to the futures market, but Butler is. YOU sir are no Ted Butler.
If you listened to the interveiw with Maguire and still sit here and queestion the naked short position you have screws loose. As far as forcing the shorts to pay in dollars and not physical silver, I'm sure it will come to that, but it still does not solve the problem of the shortage of silver.. See Jeffry there are so many aspects of this silver market that are way over your head and you do not understand. Read Butler, I will let him explain it. Trying to explain something to you is like talking to a wall. And yes I will make millions, and I will laugh at you because of how arrogent you are. Especially when other experts in the field make you look like a kindergartner. By the way, why did you leave here for 3 or months and then only show up after this whistle blower exposed the fraus of JP Morgan and the other banks? is it that you work for these banks? just interesting to know.

and by the way as I read your anology .. you are totally wrong. We will see what happens when the default occurs.

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