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I have more info on John Bush!

First, read my previous comment.

Then, you can check out my YouTube Channel.

I especially recommend this speech which I delivered in Austin before a lecture from G. Edward Griffin. Speech starts with part 2.

Just did this interview the other day for something fresh. I think I mention C4L and a concern I have with that type of organization.

That's me. The links to the two efforts I'm involved in appear in my signature. Check em out. We're putting up quite the fight. Starting to have quite the impact. Would love to chat strategy with you guys, but most seem to be content with TMZ and tabloid style drama.


I noticed something. While my name was in the title of the post, the content didn't really have much to do with me. It was more of a slanderous rambling with unwarranted generalizations and illogical assumptions meant to rag on Cat I guess. They weren't even legitimate concerns. She digs Alinsky. So what? I turnerd her on to it. Most effective activists who are aware of the tactics espoused in Rules for Radical can appreciate them. Read the book. He even discusses consistency in means and ends, as most tacticians do. Just cuz we subscribe to his tactics doesn't mean we subscribe to his philosophy! So weak.

Then a picture of her and Barry Goldwater Jr.? Gimme a freakin break. No need to address that one.

Speaking of consistency, as of late, we have come to find that there are quite a few in this movement that have problems with consistency. Like those non-aggressing libertarians and "truth-seekers" who are quick to attempt to run another's reputation thru the mud and in turn harm their ability to do their job, and also those who buy into to what some goon on a forum is posting without first looking in to the matter for themselves.

Oh well, its to be expected I guess. We'll just keep on keeping on. Cat and I are busy people. As I heard about this being back up I was up at 1AM finishing a white paper to deliver to the city council concerning the fusion center they are trying to bring to town. The next day, we spoke before the public safety commission concerning fusion centers and blood draws. I got some BS from one of the commissioners only to come home and find that I had gotten BS from my own movement! Lotsa thanks for the hard work I guess. Itsa shame.

If anybody has any LEGITIMATE questions or concerns, lemme know soon, in a brief question form, and I'll give u a response. But if there continues to be more relentless slandering, like that emanating from a few cohorts on this thread, I won't waste my time with it.

Peace and Love!

John Bush