Comment: She'll need a VP nominee that

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She'll need a VP nominee that

She'll need a VP nominee that can pull his/her load. She is too much of an unprincipled flip flopper to win alone. I think even her supporters realize she needs someone who is more trustworthy on policy to run alongside her. Being generally likable is one thing, but being so concerned about appearing likable that one always says whatever the audience wants to hear, just won't cut it, absent someone strong and principled holding the fort ideologically.

If someone like DeMint signs on, she could have a shot. Or Ron Paul himself, though i somehow doubt that will happen. If Rand wins in Kentucky, and amasses a solid voting record, I think he has great future potential. He has much less of an outsider image than his dad, and there aren't so many who will have to publicly admit to being wrong about him being kooky / extremist / unelectable / whatever.

On the other hand, if things keep getting worse, Ron's almost religious devotion to constitutional principles might come to be seen as an asset, so who knows.

That Palin supported Rand over Cheney's boy is a good sign; but then she turns around a campaigns for McCain. Although, if one is generous, that may simply come down to thanking him for bringing her onto the national stage. Didn't seem to be much love between his and her camps, post last election.