Comment: I'll be at SRLC Saturday to

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I'll be at SRLC Saturday to

I'll be at SRLC Saturday to see Dr. Paul and to hang out with fellow C4L'ers from the area(along with at least one I met tonight form VA). But, to the post, and namely the video where the person says "only RP supporters are organizing", below is an email I received from a neocon organizing for Romney.

PS - Isn't it fun being a "spy" against our enemies?

Subject: Calling All Socially Conservative Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons, and Jews

Hey Fellow Mitt Supporters,

I’m the co-founder of an organization called “Evangelicals for Mitt” which is a grass roots political organization that supports Gov. Romney for President in 2012. Check us out online at

I’m writing because the Southern Republican Leadership Conference is the kick-off of the 2012 Presidential election, in New Orleans in April. “Evangelicals for Mitt” is trying to get people there who would vote for Gov. Romney in a straw poll there. It is customary for potential Presidential candidates to make an effort to get friendly people at the conference to help their showing in the straw polls, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

If you have politically minded friends who’d be interested in the largest gathering before 2012 voting, please tell them about this offer. So far, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Newt Gingrich have confirmed as speakers. Sadly, Gov. Romney is not a confirmed speaker — but all the more reason to show up and send him a message: Southerners Love Mitt! Here is the conference site:

A good time will be had by all, and it’s always a great deal of fun to participate in the democratic process in a small yet meaningful way. In addition to voting in the straw poll, we’ll provide tickets that will enable you to get into all of the speakers if there’s room. Also, you’ll have access to all of the break-out sessions, and a large Friday night party called The Taste of Louisiana. We’ll also have free autographed copies of Gov. Romney’s book “No Apologies” and tee shirts there, and there will also be plenty of great food!

Anyway, please fill out the below form and we’ll get you registered. Also, if you think you’d be able to help us find people to go vote for Mitt in the straw poll, or if you would be interested, please call or e-mail. I’m attaching the info that I’ll need from you below.



First Name: ________________________________Last Name: ______________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ________________________________Cell Phone: _____________________________________

Street: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________

Occupation: ________________________________________________________________________________
Website/Blog: ______________________________________________________________________________

Are you currently an elected official or running for office (Local, State, or Federal)? Yes_____ No_____

How did you hear about SRLC 2010? JACOB LUNEAU and ___________________________________________

Do you commit to voting for Gov. Romney in the straw poll? Yes_____ No_____

To take advantage of the free conference tickets, please fill out this form and send to:


“Evangelicals for Mitt” is offering tickets to the SRLC for FREE (normally $119). Here is what attendees receive:

1) Access to the main sessions via live simulcast television. As space allows, during any session, you'll have access to the main ballroom.

2) Great food and hospitality at the Taste of Louisiana Party on Friday night. Trust me - you will experience some great food!

3) Complete access to breakout sessions, the exhibit hall, and the straw poll.

4) Not only will you have the opportunity to see many Conservative notables speak in person, but the Conference shares the weekend with the French Quarter Festival, where you can enjoy over 150 musical performances, as well as the cuisine and culture of the Big Easy. It's guaranteed to be a terrific weekend!