Comment: As I've said (many times) -- Anarcho-Capitalists

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As I've said (many times) -- Anarcho-Capitalists

are not "anarchists" -- that's why they have the prefix.

Anarchism means Individualism; it has two major tenents: #1 No-Authority over the Individual and #2 100% Voluntary Participation.

According to Rothbard for Anarcho-Capitalism to work EVERYONE would need to agree with it; now that's a caveat from hell (have you ever known for everyone to agree; all of the time? even part of the time?).

The reason Anarcho-Capitalism is not Anarchism is not only that it violates the two above tenents and that it requires 100% absolute agreement; it's that Anarcho-Capitalism improperly identifies who the individual is.

Communists believe its the "Worker"
Capitalists believe its the "Owner"
---Rothbard too

Mises found the individual (he's like the Jane Goodall for classical liberal economists).

*drum roll*

The Individual is *pulls paper out of envelope*


Come on Down let's see what you won

.....a life without taxation
.....a life without voting or lobbying
.....a life thus without perpetual war

Oh!!! and a brand new car!!!