Comment: In view of the States or Commonwealths,

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In view of the States or Commonwealths,

these gov'ts do provide competeing gov'ts..The Federal gov't was only set up to help the States with issues that are for all States COMMON good..
Any issue that is not defined or forwarded is to be retained by each several State ..This is the same deal for the individual ..Jurisdiction for any issue is retained by the individual unless forwarded to the State..Freedom begins at the individual level & is propigated forward..For the Common good of the individuals.."Common Good", means retention of any one individual's right, is paramont to FREEDOM & LIBERTY.. Thus we incorporate the swearing of an oath to the same..Swearing by all offices & the Military..Especialy the President , who is supposed to know & do what a President is to do ..Protect & defend the U.S. Constitution..This is first & formost for any true American President ..Anything else is treason..
Now enforce this.???????????????????????????????

I believe this is what the Judge has in mind ..