Comment: I am wrong or doesn't this just boil down to

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I am wrong or doesn't this just boil down to

the age old debate between anarchists and minarchists? I think the judge is just making the argument many closet statists (minarchists) hate. Its a game thats fun to play to smoke out the people who claim to be for freedom, but really can't commit 100% or are to easy to compromise.

Lets see how low we can get that federal budget. Minarchists flip out as soon as someone screams..."I say zero" Oh god no please, he is crazy...he he is an anarchists.

Its quite stupid. Everyone knows when you are bartering with someone to get the cheapest price you pick the smallest number possible. It doesn't make you an anarchist b/c maybe you just want government for free. Thats the government I want...which ever one doesn't cost me a dime b/c thats all a government is worth to me.