Comment: "An-Caps however, believe in

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"An-Caps however, believe in

"An-Caps however, believe in "property rights"

A right only exists in societies with laws and laws cannot be voluntarily dismissed (meaning "rights" can't exist in a voluntary system)."

i absolutely disagree with that statement. and without going into semantics, you can even dismiss the word "rights" all together. but private property can exist without laws on paper. i own my records, and no one else can have them, da dut, private property. this is the same argument those who subscribe to the false paradigm of mutualism vs. anarcho-capitalism fall back into, as if both worker take overs and private property surrounded with private guns isn't possible from either perspective. it's naive not to believe either of both aren't possible in a free, stateless society just by thinking about reality, rather than digging for some kind of never ending philosophy. that's assuming you're associating the words private property rights with private property itself.

rothbard may have coined the phrase "anarcho-capitalism", but the phrase and the philosophy are two totally different things. and rothbard certainly did not come up with, or maintain the philosophy.