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Annica: Your "records"

thus private property -- is nonsense (no offense).

As in non-sensical argument not that "you" are nonsensical in absolute terms *wink - curtsy*

As "evolving anarchists" I want to acknowledge are principle agreements and friendship -- I'd rather live in the world you an-caps create than the one we have now ;-)

It's "non-sense" because "records" are only valuabe to "keep" property if there is a force-agent (or court) to affim or certify them. Otherwise who would you mention it too?

"Property" by "term and phrase" implies ownership, records, and court (or gov't) certification. It is a legal term.

Now a "possession" does not always imply a legal term and you would have to protect it yourself -- but this is not part of the Anarcho-Capitalist philosophy that Rothbard created.

Anarcho-Capitalism -- is attempting by "phraseology" to make "capitalism" work; and capitalism (as coined by Marx) is an economic-fuedalist model. Whereas Adam Smith was talking about economic-individualism; which would better be worded as consumer-Individualism or consumer-sovereignty.

According to Mises.

Capitalism implies an Owners-Rights Society (by definition) which needs a force-agent (court system - mandatory not voluntary) to back it.

You can't 'take back' philosophies or give them a fancy prefix and expect those who oppose the suffix to comply.

You must get the language right.

Consumer-Indvidiualism (Sovereignty) can only exist if Workers and Owners have ZERO Rights (zero protectionism).

Meaning all markets are voluntary -- including the protection of one's "possessions" -- given that property is a legal term.