Comment: You Guys Are WRONG About Sarah Palin

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You Guys Are WRONG About Sarah Palin

Man, I'm readying about the sleazy stuff Mitt Romney is doing, and then I see you guys bashing Governor Sarah Palin. WTH?

You guys are way off base about her. She ain't nobody's "puppet" that's for sure!

You guys need to check her record. Ever wonder why the worthless establishment GOP hate her? It's because she took on the Alaska GOP over corruption, sending some of them to prison. Others paid record fines.

Palin had the highest approval rating in the nation as governor.

Like I say, I don't get you guys. Sarah has endorsed Rand Paul, and frankly caught hell for it from many of her own supporters. She's even said nice things about Ron Paul over the years.

Sarah is very much like Ronald Reagan, the closest we have ever seen, and governed Alaska as a libertarian.

This is an incredibly smart woman who believes in freedom and liberty, and small government. She's an asset to the nation.

Plus, she is the ONLY one who is really taking the fight to Obama. She's not impressed by the guy one bit and doesn't feel the need to treat him special in any way.

Go back and study her real record, she is a solid fiscal conservative and knows how to make government smaller and more efficient. What she did in Alaska is nothing short of amazing.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand is as establishment GOP as they come. He's not a conservative in any way shape or form. He's a clone of Obama on many issues.

Sarah is a real leader and someone who walks the walk. Trashing her is ridiculous, especially with Obama in the White House and weasels like Romney waiting in the wings to be the face of the GOP.

We all need to stand together and make sure Obama is a one term president, and the establishment GOP is defeated, or it's over.

Sarah Palin is playing a huge role in taking down both Obama and the elite GOP. She's one of us, guys.