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Comment: Emancipating slaves, enslaving free men

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Emancipating slaves, enslaving free men

There is a terrific book (not especially kind to either the Southern or Northern governments) about the nature of the ideological issues surrounding the civil war, including the overall effect of the Civil War, which was to end slavery at the price of destroying America's experiment in limited government. The title is EMANCIPATING SLAVES, ENSLAVING FREE MEN by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, a professor of economics and history at San Jose State University (and a pure libertarian).

It includes a very interesting speculative discussion about the peaceful abolition of slavery that would have occurred without war, focusing on the enormous difficulty slaveholders would have had without the socialization of the costs of capturing and returning slaves (including the Fugitive Slave law and government-paid patrols to prevent and recapture runaways). It is NOT a book about the battles, like most civil war histories, but about the ideas. It also discusses how the South might have won the war with a different military strategy (not that the author wanted them to win). Paul's interview has me wanting to reread it.