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I recently spent over two

I recently spent over two weeks in China, and it was quite interesting. Everything Ron Paul says here about China is dead on RIGHT!
I went to Tienanmen square for an afternoon. Amazingly (and this would include the airports) security is there, but no where near as restrictive and obtrusive as it is right here at Federal Buildings and monuments (the Gateway Arch) in St. Louis! Furthermore, street vendors were selling Mao watches and all kinds of different items right in the square. I told my guide, "Mao should be rolling over in that glass box over there." He replied (with a big grin) "Mao would not like it... no, no, no. Mao not happy, ha, ha."

China has become the largest middle class nation on earth (as in actual numbers, not percentages). Overseas adoption of healthy children is becoming quite rare due to the fact that the Chinese middle class and wealthy are beginning to adopt their own. Those children still leaving the country are culturally tagged as 'undessirable', such as deformed and disabled children - especially female babies.

China may have a one party political system that is corrupt to its core. Indeed, in rural areas, party bosses are basically all powerful overlords at times. But in the urban cities (and they are numerous and expansive), the ordinary citizen is largely free to turn a Yen anyway they can within the law. And those laws are becoming less restrictive and regulatory (at the level of the ordinary citizen) than our own from Federal tyrants, officious meddlers and regulatory punks.