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Ron Paul is the only politician/Washingtonian/gang of 535 (not sure what to call him) I trust.

During a recent "current events" conversation, a friend said, "I'm not sure who to trust anymore..."

I said, "me either -- the only one I know I CAN trust, is Ron Paul..."

RP would be the greatest president in our lifetime, but alas, I don't think we can get enough of the neo-con, T-partiers on board. And even though I don't know much about Gary Johnson, except that he endorsed RP in the 08 primaries, which is just about enough for me) I think the the "R party" will need a less divisive figure, if we are to secure a populous vote.

i LOVE Dr. Ron Paul and his family, especially his wife, Carol -- THEY ARE AWESOME AMERICANS (this cannot be overstated), but the neo-cons will never swallow their pride and admit they were wrong about GW and the foreign policy that ensued. This will be their legacy and they don't have a GOOD way out, yet...

Additionally, I don't know about all these cabinet appointees -- I thought "we" were going to do away with ALL these unnecessary bureaucracies?? I guess Lew Rockwell would be too divisive for chief of staff?? (sorry hadn't kept up w/C4L since the election, but have kept up with

Love the post -- especially since most of the men in my life spend TOO much time in the "fantasy:football, baseball, basketball, etc" world!

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas...

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.