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After sleeping

over this I realize that this incident is maybe not as bad as I initially thought.

1. the Canadian guy wasn't all too clever (while thinking he was), clearly provoking the guards (paraphrased: what are you going to do? shoot me?), yes they should have stayed calm and professional, but it's difficult to say the Canadian guy was truly innocent.

2. wether you agree or not, it's the US's right to have tight border controls, even with ridiculous questions.


I still think it's not acceptable for the guards to demonstrate their manliness with raw force, putting the fool's health in jeopardy! This could be you, or your kid, or friend.
It seems if you comply with total submissiveness no direct harm is done to you. But if you try to make their life the slightest bit more difficult, they can resort to brutal force.
I'm missing the grey area! How about only using as much force as neccessary?

But then again, we only have audio, and we don't really know what happened.

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