Comment: This guy invited all of this

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This guy invited all of this

This guy invited all of this stuff onto he and his wife himself. I don't like the "you're guilty until you're proven innocent" treatment that seems to be the way of the world these days, but this guy's attitude and mouth worked against him 100%. As someone mentioned below, when you enter a foreign country, you are agreeing to be asked questions to verify your intentions. He voluntarily escalated his interrogation. Crossing a border is not like crossing the street to go shopping, like this guy seems to think. He voluntarily entered a foreign country, with it's own government and security issues. I don't care if it was to simply go shopping, or to meet the president for lunch, he acted completely irrational and obviously doesn't understand what he got himself into. That was not the time or place to try to engage in a battle of wits and philosophy with "the man." Since the guy is likely completely harmless and innocent of any crimes, I hope this situation gets dropped, for his sake, his wife's sake, and for sanity's sake. But I also hope he learned something from it too.