Comment: See unlike others I get my

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See unlike others I get my

I have no desire to ask him nor am I going to send him $5 TO HIS PAYPAL. I already know the answers as to what rights were violated, answer NONE! Look I don't agree with him getting arrested, but he and evewryone else needs to follow the laws bound by the constitution, if you don't and wish to disobey then your personal freedom come with consequences.

See unlike others I get my orders from the US constitution, I don't make things up as I go along, this is how and why I am in the best position to protect my rights.

look at the 4th amendment.

Here is some info on US border security and check points :

Searches conducted at the United States border or the equivalent of the border (such as an international airport) may be conducted without a warrant or probable cause subject to the "border-search" exception. Most border searches may be conducted entirely at random, without any level of suspicion, pursuant to U.S. Customs and Border Protection plenary search authority. However, searches that intrude upon a traveler's personal dignity and privacy interests, such as strip and body cavity searches, must be supported by "reasonable suspicion." The U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth and Ninth circuits have ruled that information on a traveler's electronic materials, including personal files on a laptop computer, may be searched at random, without suspicion.

You may disagree with the constitution as is your right, but it is my duty to follow and defend the constitution. Just because someone disagrees with the constitution doesn't make them right.