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As I was walking home from college bars I was asked by Platteville, WI cops for ID because there had been " a rash of burglaries in the area". This only reason.

I refused to speak and handed them an Assertion of Rights instead.

You can imagine how they freaked out, cuffed me, verbally abused me, and dug through my person for ID. They found my ID and Thank God, I finally went merrily along after they realized they were getting nowhere. I got a refresher course in how desperate times have gotten and so did my unscathed friends who have never once really been confronted by the police. This demonstrated to my friends how eager, belligerent, and nasty law enforcement is in our country . Thanks for the civics lesson,(insert cuss word of choice here). It won't be forgotten.

Julius, Thanks for giving the po po grief and making them think a tiny bit.