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Comment: H1-B Visa Holders Replacing American Workers

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H1-B Visa Holders Replacing American Workers

Educate Yourself About H1-B Visas

The middle class is experiencing a classic communist pincher strategy whereby they are getting squeezed from the top and the bottom. From the top, professional employees with degrees and years of experience are being terminated and replaced with H1-B visa holders from countries like India. Computer programmers, nurses and professional managers are offered severance pay only if the train their replacements. Companies like Microsoft, who claim and lobby Congress because there aren't enough qualified trained workers, laid off thousands in late 2008, only to replace them with H1-B holders.

Thousands of trained workers and college graduates can't find work.

From the bottom, these potential workers experience problems finding low paying jobs because they have been displaced by illegals in the country.

This is outlined in Paul Craig Robers book:
How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,

Google, 'Paul Craig Roberts' as the book is a collection of his articles over the past few years.

Call your representative and say NO to H1-B visas.

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