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Comment: The list so far

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The list so far

In a fit of OCD I decided to combine all the names dropped so far into one, roughly in order of when they were posted. There may be duplicates, but I did my best to avoid that.

If someone more familiar with all these people could clean the list up that would be awesome. Maybe even group them into categories, i.e. Authors, economists, activists, politicians, bloggers, radio hosts, historical figures, liberty candidates, alive, dead, etc. or time periods and maybe provide links to what they're known for this could become a pretty good resource for everyone. We shouldn't let this combined wisdom go to waste. Anyway, here is the unorganized list so far:

Ron Paul
Lew Rockwell
Naomi Klein
John Perkins
Gen. Smedley Butler
William Cooper
Alex Jones
Max Keiser
Jim Rodgers
Peter Schiff
Kathrine Austin Fitts
Michael Ruppert
All our Liberty Candidates
Bob Chapman
Gerald Celente
Daily Paul
Michael Badnarik
Naomi Wolf
Mike Adams- pro-liberty activist from
Joseph Atwill- historian/author
James W. Loewen- solciologist/author
John Perkins- whistler blower/author
Paul Craig Roberts
Barry Goldwater Jr.
Dr. Wayne Terhune
Michael Nystrom
Stewart Rhodes founder of Oath Keepers
Trevor Lyman
Sheriff Mack
Cindy Sheehan
Walter Williams
Marc Faber
Andrew Napolitano
Jesse Ventura
Luke Rudkowski
Mark Dice
Max Keiser
Jack Blood
Marc Faber
Jim Sinclair
Lord Christopher Monckton (good on global-warming, loves FOX and GOP though...)
Ted Butler
Eric King
John Galt
George Orwell
Aldous Huxley
Mike Shedlock
Dan Mitchell
Jason Bermas
Tom Woods
Bruce Fein
Ludwig Von Mises
Murray Rothbard
Lysander Spooner
Jay Nock
Mark Twain
Henry David Thoreau
Ernest Hancock
Gary Johnson
Jesse Ventura
Mary Ruwart
Jerry Hughes
Aaron Russo
Ed & Elaine Brown
James Trafficant
James Hanssen
Sherry Jackson
William Rodriquez
Richard Gage
Joe Bannister
Randy Kelton
Deborah Stevens
Eddie Craig
Aimee Allen
Gary Franchi
Jack Hunter
Tom Mullen (A Return to Common Sense)
John Pugsley (The Alpha Strategy)
Jim Rawles (
Robert-Arthur; Menard (bursting bubbles of government deception)
John Quade
Stefan Molyneux
Henry Hazlitt
Jesus the Christ
Ryan "Jericho" McCain
Gary North,
Ayn Rand
George Noory
Michael Tsarion
Clif High
Bob Prechter
Jim Sinclair
Karl Denninger
Jim Rogers
Marc Faber
G. Edward Griffin
Immanuel Kant
Adam Kokesh
Will Pitts - State Chairman RLCFL
Thomas Jefferson
Jive Dadson
Harry Browne
Casimir Pulaski
Patrick Henry
John Gunby
Scott Horton
Ian Freeman
Doug Stanhope
Walter Block
Tom DiLorenzo
Howard Bloom
Daryl Bradford Smith
John Stadtmiller
Albert J. Nock
Frank Chodorov
Chris Floyd~Empire Burlesque
Arthur Silber
Stephen Lendman
Peter Dale Scott
Global Research
Want to Know
John McManus President of the John Birch Society
Trevor Lyman
Michael Nystrom
Chalmers Johnson
Harold Pinter
John Pilger
Safety Joe
The Wachowski brothers
Joe Bannister
Ed and Elaine Brown
Michael Bardnarik
Aaron Hughes-IVAW
Paul Rieckhoff-IAVA
Chief Seattle
Milton Friedman
Michael Scheuer
Clyde Cleveland - Common Sense Revisited
Jacob Bergland - Libetarianism in One Lesson
Justin Raimondo
Bill Kauffman
Lewis Lehrman - The Case for Gold
Martin Shindeling - Middle Clash
Henry David Thoreau
William Norman Grigg
John Lennon
Penn & Teller
Eustice Mullins
Bob shultz
Pyrrho -- father of true skepticism.
Friedrich Hayek
Adam Smith
Thomas Paine
Frank Zappa
Kurt Vonnegut
John Locke
Martin Luther King Jr.
David Walker - United States Comptroller General
Daniel Quinn - "Ishmael"
Col. Allen West
Ted Nugent
Daniel Hannon
Schaeffer Cox
Webster Tarpley
David Ray Griffin
Peter Dale Scott
John DeCamp
George Washington
Ben Franklin
Antony Sutton
Jake Kellen
3 Shoes Posse
Marc Scibia
CPT. Joyce Riley RN
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
Dr. Null
Dr. Horowitz
Dr. Mercola
Dr. Nicholson
Dr. Blaylock
Dr. Rokke
Dr. Monteith
Dr. Albrecht
Dr. Corsi
Prof. Scott
Dr. Strangelove ;)
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Thomas Szasz
David Michael Levin
David Abram
Bill Hicks
George Carlin
David Cross
Richard Maybury
Vox Day
Howard Phillips
Adam Curry
John C. Dvorak
Robert Ringer
Jon Stewart
Pat Buchanan
Barry Goldwater
Robert Higgs
Chalmers Johnson
Steve Bonta
William J. Jasper
George H. Nash
Rodger Lowenstein
David Fromkin
Michael McGerr
David O. Stewart
Robert Scott Bell
Louis Thomas McFadden
Rosalie M. Gordon
Karen Kwiatkowski
Charlotte Iserbyt
Alan Watt
Jack Cafferty
Doug Casey
Giordano Bruno (Neithercorp Press)
Katherine Albrecht (anti-RFID chips)
Dr. Edwin Vieira
Barefoot Bob
Jeff Rense
Richard Gauge