Comment: I'd have to agree.

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I'd have to agree.

Lets remember who the enemy is. Its not a race of people, its a group of people. There is a difference. I am against Zionism and generally Zionist Jews. I am not against Jews who are not Zionists.

When people talk about the media, it would be best to say "Zionist Jews" , and not Jews. You have to remember that these same Zionists betrayed their own people to the gas chambers in WW II.... and other non zionists who know the truth hate these traitors - but dont have the voice and money the Zionists do. I say to remember that these Zionists cooperate with the White Anglo-Saxon Illuminati as well..... so the Zionists are just a part of the collection of evil we all stand against. I would hope we would remember that and not be so insensitive as to alienate people otherwise friendly to our cause.