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Comment: Spoken like a true welfare commie

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Spoken like a true welfare commie

What happens to the poor fisherman's wife when she needs medical care for cancer, she dies. Oh well, at least he can still take naps.

What happens to the villiage, that a small group of responsible people created, when all none of its people work hard. The villiage dies.

In your story, the rich fish industrialist improves his villiage, provides real opportunities for others that want more out of life, but most importantly creates wealth that he can use to provide for and protect his family.

It really sounds like you have no fucking idea how much men have had to sacrifice and how much men have had to love others to create and maintain order that so many communist types enjoy. The only reason you can enjoy a life of luxury is because someone created villiages for you.

Look at all the shit that Ron Paul put up with every day for decades while trying to save this country's principles. Ron Paul is pro-free market, pro-capitalism...which includes sound banking. He loves Ayn Rand, the queen of capitalism.

Read Rand's Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

This site is not is against oppression of freedom.

Finally...Why do you think so many Mexicans are flocking to the USA? So they can take more naps?