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Excerpt 1:

"The insiders' sheepdog who controlled Wilson and guided the program through Congress was the mysterious "Colonel' Edward Mandel House, the British-educated son of a representative of England's financial interests in the American South.

The title was honorary; House never served in the military. He was strictly a behind-the-scenes wirepuller and is regarded by many historians as the real President of the United States during the Wilson years.

House authored a book, "Philip Dru: Administrator", in which he wrote of establishing "Socialism as dreamed by Karl Marx" As steps toward his goal, House, both in his book and in real life, called for passage of a graduated income tax and a central bank providing "a flexible [inflatable paper] currency."

The graduated income tax and a central bank are two of the ten planks of The Communist Manifesto. In his The intimate Papers 0f Colonel House, Professor Charles Seymour refers to the "Colonel" as the "unseen guardian angel" of the Federal Reserve Act.

Seymour's work contains numerous documents and records showing constant contact between House and Paul Warburg while the Federal Reserve Act was being prepared and steered through Congress. Biographer George Viereck assures us that "The Schiffs, the Warburgs, the
Kahns, the Rockefellers, and the Morgans put their faith in House… Their faith was amply rewarded."

Copyright © 1971 by Gary Allen
with Larry Abraham

ISBN: 0899666612

Excerpt 2:

Introduction by John G. Scmitz United States Congressman (October 25, 1971)

"The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.

This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy will be a very controversial book. At first it will receive little publicity and those whose plans are exposed in it will try to kill it by the silent treatment.

For reasons that become obvious as you read this book, it will not be reviewed in all the "proper" places or be available on your local bookstand.

However, there is nothing these people can do to stop a grass roots book distributing system. Eventually it will be necessary for the people and organizations named in this book to try to blunt its effect by attacking it or the author.

They have a tremendous vested interest in keeping you from discovering what they are doing. And they have the big guns of the mass media at their disposal to fire the barrages at None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

By sheer volume, the "experts" will try to ridicule you out of investigating for yourself as to whether or not the information in this book is true They will ignore the fact that the author about to conjecture.

They will find a typographical error or ague some point that is open to debate. If necessary they will lie in order to protect themselves by smearing this book.

I believe those who pooh-pooh the information herein because Psychologically many people would prefer to believe we are, because we all like to ignore bad news. We do so at our own peril.

Having been a college instructor, a State Senator and now a Congressman, I have had experience with real professionals at putting up smokescreens to cover up their own actions by trying to destroy the accuser.

I hope that you will read the book carefully, draw
your own conclusions and not accept the opinions of those who of necessity must attempt to discredit the book. Your future may depend upon it."