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You are correct in that it *shouldn't* matter

However, a bank branch may look at what you served and say, "We don't know what this is or how to respond to it. Put it in the circular file (waste bin)."

You should have gotten some kind of notices from your bank's corporate office (loss mitigation, legal department, etc). Respond to any return address you find there. Also, pull the records related to your property from your County Recorder's office. Where you find any records related to taking your house, you should also find within those records something to the effect of, "After recording, return to [name/address/contact info]" of either the bank department which filed the record, or the bank's attorney. Serve those as well.

Just remember that most of the bank's employees are trained monkeys, doing a limited scope of work, and do not in the least understand legal documents - thus are likely to not handle them at all or just throw them away. You need to, if at all possible, be serving your bank's legal department/loss mitigation department.

I'm finally at a point in my situation where every single agent of my alleged loan servicer, save 3 high-level legal people, are completely locked out of my account, and even those 3 cannot speak with me or address me unless and until I fraudulently say that I am the legal fiction and not the living soul.