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Comment: Newsbusters - interview with Rand Paul

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Newsbusters - interview with Rand Paul

Excellent interview with a relaxed and calm Rand:

Rand Paul Strikes Back at MSNBC: I Need To Be Careful Going On Certain Networks

Good comment and feedback:

Good interview. I think
Sat, 05/22/2010 - 23:45 ET by GregE

"Good interview. I think he'll be fine. He realizes the razor teeth that are the media when it comes to any non-liberal candidate who threatens the Socialist, collectivist route they want this nation to take.

One thing I noticed he does, and he did it on Maddow, is that he doesn't know when he has successfully completed his answer. He volunteered another few sentences to further his overall viewpoint, somewhat outside of the realm of the question, which invited more scrutiny needlessly. I can't remember what it was that he said, but I distinctly remember, when I watched the Maddow clip, that he did it and I kind of cringed, thinking "ok stop, you answered it, stop talking now." And during the short continuation of his answer, I could see a look on her face as if she heard something that she could pounce on due to her biased agenda keeping her antenna up for anything where she could do so.

The mainstream media, I have to say, collectively could almost be considered evil."

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