Comment: I can't help but wonder why all this 'distraction' from such

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I can't help but wonder why all this 'distraction' from such

an obvious omission: If Tsarion truly, truly wished to end 'evil' on earth, why is he NOT talking about the rule of law and our Constitution?

Answer: Because he is a paid disinformation agent and he makes a killing from those who are fumbling in the dark and easily pulled by the nose.

Only moral philosophy puts an end to these ramblings that serve to mislead so many and keep them 'mesmerized' and spell bound instead of working to restore the rule of law in this country!

He is right about 75% of what he says but the other 25% is disinfo to steer so many in a dead end so they won't take 'right action'.

Do you people even know what it means by "the power is vested in the people"?

What is 'the power'? Nothing mysterious. It is the power to envision. Then once you can 'envision', this creates 'desire'. Once you connect with desire, another human power, it begins to foment within. Then the final power; using the will to take 'right action'.

All and I mean ALL distractions that we are being bombarded with today from all angles are purposely attempting to keep human beings, especially Americans, from attention to their 'powers' vested within them.

Please stay focused. Read the Articles of Freedom, and sign the damn pledge already...LOL ;)