Comment: My apologies

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My apologies

To all that have had to experience my wrath and frustation backed anger, I am truly sorry.

But please, stop posting stupid stuff because I cannot help myself. I know this is an really off world topic but it belongs in this forum. Period. Stop passing judgement on stuff you haven't the faintest clue about (that concerns anything in your life) If you disagree with whatever is posted here I'm more than happy to discuss ANYTHING and you'll find it to be a pleasant one.

It's 4AM now where live, and I have to get some sleep. Thanks to those who shared their information with me. If there are questions I will answer them at a later time, but, if I wake up tomorrow and see this thread drenched in bullshit, by GOD, I promise my hateful wrath will consume this forum :D

With Love,

Good night!

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