Comment: The stuff that scared me was

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The stuff that scared me was

The stuff that scared me was when I realized that the entire entertainment industry is a satanic cult and putting references to demon possession, mind control, NWO, satanism and the occult in their music videos.

You aren't going to even know what I am talking about until you watch "The Industry" series.

Essentially, in order to be a star in hollywood or music you literally have to sell your soul to the devil by taking a blood oath and be initiated into masonry, and satanism. If you try to get out or tell anyone what is going on they will kill you or set you up until you are penniless, then they kill you. this is what happened to Tupac, MJ, DMX, etc., etc. Heath Ledger was probably killed as a ritual sacrifice as well as others.

I can't really expalin it, it is something you have to see for yourself - at first, you are going to think it is all BS but once you see all of it in perspective it is striking. They are conducting occult rituals in front of us everyday through music videos.