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Everyone is an expert in their own right unless you are not sure

about what you are stating.

I can see by your insistence on 'answering your question' you seem to take my opinion of Mr.Tsarion's work very 'personally'.

Yes, I have reason to believe Mr.Tsarion is a disinformation agent. I thought I already made myself clear enough but maybe your intense hatred of me keeps you from reading my words.

It is through his 'omission'. I will repeat that just in case you didn't get it, his omission, of the achievements, the 'fruits' of the collective, philosophical intentions of our founders who through their efforts created our Declaration of Independence and eventually our Constitution, the greatest act of freedom in human history!!!

He omits this.

I kept hoping he would bring this up but he doesn't because it doesn't FIT into all his hateful theories on our founders.

This is evidence, in my opinion, of the greatest disinformation. These are his 'fruits' he displays.

You allow this attack on our founders like that?

It is a wonder, Mr.Michael Nystrom, that you have put so much effort into creating a website in support of Dr.Ron Paul who has spent his entire career defending our founders, the Declaration and Constitution, and yet you will put all your emotions into defending such unAmerican drivel like Mr. Tsarion's while you clearly denigrate a great defender of our American law, who has decades to show for it as Mr. Schulz?

There is something very, very skewed here with your thinking and your priorities, Mr. Nystrom. If anything we all ought to wonder about this. Who are you really?

You have shown your true colors. It is clear you won't defend real solutions like the Articles of Freedom and your lame 'personality' excuses about me or Mr.Schulz are not good enough.

Now that the rubber is hitting the road, and the lines are clearly being drawn, we are all coming to realize who are the patriots and who are the co-opters.

I have made a copy of this btw just in case it is mysteriously removed from this thread.