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Great to see someone posting some Tsar on the dailypaul. Thank you!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!question everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^ including his work and everyone elses. Look for knowledge with the state of mind that possibly everything you have been taught may be wrong. You should hear every point of view possible, never afraid to be wrong, or to listen to someone who you don't agree with 100%. they may prove to be insightful...


p.s. michael tsarion is a fan of ron paul/founding fathers and austrian economics, he just doesnt believe we will get freedom in that way. He is without a doubt correct... He thinks we need to have(and are having) an inner spiritual revolution, much in the likes of what jiddu krishnamurti talkes about. Contrary to just having a political revolution anyways, or the replacing of one system for another system ^^

-3 cheers!