Comment: I think a list of differences may be in order

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I think a list of differences may be in order

This list would come from the experts on the said labels. I notice some of them making the mistake of talking about the LP(Libertarian Party), whereas the statement from rand says "libertarian". Note the small l. People newer here(and apparently some who aren't) may not be aware of the difference.

Next, it may be worth noting which ISSUES Rand differs from the big and small L's on. Sure they have been covered individually, but it wouldn't hurt to have them in one place, ye experts. That way some of us ignorant folks can decide whether or not it's important that he is still young and has time to be more of a small l libertarian.

Personally, I believe any move toward smaller government is good, although I can see the argument some are fostering that certain candidates are put up as a last ditch bandaid by the establishment... when the choice comes to revolution, or slow motion revolution. Maybe I'm thinking too much, but I certainly prefer that to the apparently more popular alternative. To clarify matters, I have both supported Rand with mouth/fingers, and wallet, if that helps any of you neatly label me and not attack me for sharing some of my own questions and thought processes.

Terminology is important, so much so that the Israeli government has hired "debate" organizations to help determine which words can be used and not used when arguing for Zionism. I've noticed the same things on here, which leads a thinking person to want to look deeper.