Comment: Ron Paul is the man who

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Ron Paul is the man who

Ron Paul is the man who turned me on to Libertarian ideas and now fellow supporters of his continue to insult my current party at every disagreement.

They want to blindly believe that everything from the mind and seed of Ron Paul is a perfect candidate of liberty, wrapped up in a neat little ribbon of Constitutional authority.

I voted for Rand Paul. I plan to vote for him again in November, but in no way do I believe that he is the mirror image of his father. There is way too much pandering to the Tea Party and national media to which Ron Paul would never fall victim.

I'm at the point now were I now find myself waiting to see how Rand Paul votes to know exactly where he stands on the issues. Not once did I have to do that with his father. He's been repeating and voting the same messages for decades, regardless of how unpopular they may be. I expected nothing less of Rand.