Comment: Everyone here should know this!!!

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Everyone here should know this!!!

As soon as you record your property with the State, it becomes their subject property. Call your county recorder and ask if property is REQUIRED to be recorded!! It is NOT!

Private property becomes "Real Property" in the recording process, why? Because now the state is performing an activity FOR YOU! They are keeping watch over 'your' land, by making it 'their land', and making you the 'tenant'.

A tax on private land or property is a direct tax in violation of the Federal Constitution, therefore, the States have created a VOLUNTARY, yearly (or quarterly) "taxable activity". TO un-record your property, you must:
1) Have no mortgage
2) "sell" the property to someone, (real or fake name, even yourself)
3) record ONLY the release of deed with the County. DO NOT RECORD THE TRANSFER!!!

now that the property is unrecorded, any tax they levy on your "private land" will be a direct tax. Im working with the State of Michigan, Florida, and California now to find out how to remove the private land from the tax roll. Ill report back when I figure it out.

Read here for more info!!!!!!