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Yes, and those very nice and

Yes, and those very nice and polite people just doing their job would have absolutely no qualms about using any information the lady responded with against her even if it put her in jail or worse. It wouldn't bother them a bit because they were just doing their job. Why should this lady abandon her rights just to be polite? Why should this lady risk that anything she might say may be twisted and misconstrued or used in a manner she did not intend? Why should government agents show up at someones doorstep and expect courteous answers just because they appear polite and want info to protect the children and for safety reasons?

They said they wanted to ask questions and it was interesting to see how they framed it so that they never asked a question and instead were inviting a free flow of info from the lady -people usually start rambling when there is a loose end in the conversation or when they feel its their turn in the conversation- nice psychological trick, but didn't work on this lady.