Comment: There is also massive evidence that outbreaks

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There is also massive evidence that outbreaks

follow mass vaccination plans.

Besides, I just can't fathom the level of lack of logic and reason it takes to intentionally expose yourself to a pathogen in the hopes you might not be the one who dies from it and instead develops immunity rather than simply taking your chances of getting it through natural channels and likely having the same chance of developing immunity.

Seems like the latter course is overall less risky to me.

And then add in the "preservatives" and adjuvants in the cocktail injected into you and their side effects and inoculations just start to look really silly.

And I would say it is the other way around. The more people that are immune by unnatural vaccinations, the more likely they will be carriers with little or no side effects, or even knowledge that they are carriers. This will increase the risk to those not vaccinated than they otherwise would have faced. It is the vaccinated that increase risk to the non-vaccinated, not the other way around.

This increases the number of vectors and the spread of the pathogen both in speed and reach throughout the population. Such a pathogen has the opportunity to interact with more immune defenses tailored to each person and thus has the increased opportunity to develop mutations that allow it to overcome such immunity in a future cycle and thus more deadly.

This cycle only goes one way - super pathogens that our bodies have no defenses against - no matter if you are inoculated or not.