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St Augustine says in his Confessions, God is “more inward to me than I am myself.”

Thank you both Michael and JSM for your respectfully cogent articulations of what too often appears ( as a result of the course of human history so far) as a dialectic of incompatibility between religion vs. free inquiry.

" But when we do experience this, if only partially—what it is to be real as ourselves, the pristineness of freedom and love—we discover something that’s clearly more important than what conventional religion talks about. Something that transforms one’s life and one’s world from inside out and enables one to embrace them without any reservation is certainly more deeply important than something that (if it were real) would merely wield great power over one’s life from outside it. For what transforms one’s life from inside affects not only what one has to deal with, but what one is.

Conventional religions all claim to speak both about what’s truly free and divine, and about what’s most deeply important for us as human beings. So if the transformation from inside really is free, divine, and most important, then the charitable thing to suppose is that this transformation is what conventional religions have really been trying to draw our attention to, all along, though in misleading ways. "

May I urge you each to consult this final link in the following post to see where it might lead:

" ... the human epic resembles nothing so much as a way of the Cross."