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Comment: If it weren't for the CIA

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If it weren't for the CIA

running the military and all that potential heroin in those poppy fields leaving might be on the list of things to do.
We need to face it our govt is corrupt to the bone. Addicted to war money, drug money..subsidiaries with govt contracts who traffic in women and children for crying out loud ?
Remember Dyne Corp they're still around, changed the name of the sellers of human sex slaves to pedophiles and murderers.
This has never been about terrorism, none of it, never has been...The only legitimate war was the Revolutionary War
Since then it's been about committing false flags, depending on the American people being fervently patriotic and sending their sons and daughters to be murdered. George Carlin had this exactly right, these rich politicos don't give a damn about you..Get it through your head, they would as soon you and your family died for all they care. Sorry to carry on but the stupidity has to stop already !!

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow